Being in Resistance Mode!

November 10, 2018 Saturday

I turned off my phone ringer last night and actually slept 9 hours for the first time in months.  It felt good and I was able to keep my cPap mask on for 5.5 hours, so that was great.  But I had a sore neck and Greg massaged my neck and now it feels better.  One of my kids phoned for money and left a message.  But the phone didn’t ring so I could sleep.

So my 3 gratitudes for this morning is:

  1.  I’m thankful for a good nights sleep.
  2. The neck massage and so it feels better.
  3. A beautiful view outside from the living room window, and living at the lake.

What I’m happy NOT for: We do not live in the city so we aren’t pressured by some of the kids (all the time) to give them money and rescue them daily for minute things, constantly.

What I am open to doing today:  Going for a walk; I am in resistance mode.


Saturday Evening

Technically its Sunday so that means it’s Remembrance Day.  Hmmm.  So today I went for that walk I was flirting with going on.  Then we got a call from someone asking us to take our Winter Yeti yard art off of our deck.  There was a veteran living on the  street behind us who saw it and wanted us to take it down.  Well I’ve heard this discussion before about people thinking others shouldn’t put up Christmas decorations before Nov 11 but this was a little bizarre.  Its not a Christmas thing, it was a abominable snowman on our deck that wasn’t visible to anyone.  So then I got my back all up because I have a very different opinion about whether veterans are appreciated or not just because I happen to have a Yeti.  So I spent way too much time writing about it and eventually I had to get down off my soap box and just get back to living.  So.  I got the walk half way before I became grumpy.  And I didn’t do any watercolour painting today, or go through the pile of pictures on my creativity room desk.  I did though manage to eat healthy and do the housework.  So that was good.  Looking at what I wrote this morning, I can see how I let a bunch of ego hijack my day.  All in all, I learned not to get dragged down by other peoples thought-baggage that isn’t my business.  So.

My 3 gratitudes for tonight.

1. I love my Yeti.  Pure fun from my childhood when we used to have great bonspiels in our hometown and everyone would come out to the snowfests and make ice sculptures.  And so the Yeti was part of that fun.  So why wouldn’t I have a Yeti on my deck in the winter?  Duh.

2. I’m thinking….. Did I mention we have a Yeti?  Hmmm. I’m grateful for having a nice place to live and to be inside on a cold night.  Many people don’t have warm homes to sleep in at night.  Especially Yeti’s.  I’m just saying.

3. I’m thinking more about happy NOT Fors …  So lets get that one over with and I’ll come back to this gratitude…

What I am happy NOT for:  We don’t have president Trump as our political leader.  The world doesn’t revolve around the opinions of Yeti-haters!  And the people in the neighborhood took down their statue of the Virgin Mary off our centurion tree outside.  Mother Earth wasn’t crazy about a Christian virgin climbing her tree, no more than the Veterans were crazy about my Yeti who were detracting from their honor and praise.  Does this sound like a rational day I had today?  Nope.  So I am happy  NOT for projectionists and judgmental war mongers who are expecting to receive their “hero-cookies” today.  Yes Veterans Day is important, but not at the expense of the celebration of life.  And Yetis.  I’m just saying.

So back to gratitude statements:

3.  I expect Veterans to take down their Christmas decorations on Winter Solstice because they are disrespecting Mother Earth and her Yeti.  Isn’t that crazy?  But its the same type of nonsense statement.  Live and Let Live People.

I am posting my opinion on my blog.  It will have some of the stuff I was writing about today with my friends.  This topic about Veterans Day and just how far does it stretch to observe a day of remembrance.  Stay tuned…

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