Intro to Amee’s Serene 2019 Adventure & The Life Compass

The Serene 2019 invitation is an Opportunity to having dialogue and to openly discuss the things that prevent us from experiencing this serene lifestyle we desire.  So its a meme, an opportunity to explore what might be required in order for us to experience a sense of serenity in our life.  Its a step by step process of rewiring the brain.  Our only real goal is to create awareness that despite the chaos in our world and our life, it is possible to experience our greater sense of serenity.(This meme is created to help people  become aware and focused on that there’s an opportunity for more than what they are currently experiencing.)

This definition is a general description for now. I will focus on the details later on in the week because I have already started the process and it will be longer than I first thought.  And I’m doing it step by step and not going to try to jump over, swing around, or crawl under the Learning curve because I want to make sustainable, simple progress to change and growth.

For myself, I wish to move past my particular thought baggage, and through the process of confronting, examining, releasing and embracing my truths. My intention of going through this process is two-fold.

First, I wish to reach a place of higher self-acceptance.  I am going to work on strengthening my equilibrium so I can have peace of mind.

Second – Its easier to help other people with the process as we have been doing it for years.  We find we have a birds-eye vantage point as an observer to help others through the process of healing and change.

However, we can’t understand the process if we haven’t put ourselves through it so we can tweak the way we teach and coach.  Its easier to reach a place of empathy and strength to help someone if we can relate to the work that goes into such a change for people.  And I want to see how these features of the Serene 2019 program are of relevance or use, and how it would be better suited for real people, not just the theory of it.  And I want it to be real and genuine, not just some ‘rah-rah’ pep rally of riding some sort of pleasure wave.  Let’s get real and confront, examine, release and embrace our challenges and move through the transformation matrix of eventual healing and experiencing a Serene 2019 and beyond.

So I am going to get real and raw.  Anyone that is interested in observing my journey or making comments is totally welcome to.  This isn’t a counselling process, its a coaching process.  There is a difference and the latter is more sustainable and moves a person beyond the examining phase.  I will talk more on this in another post and this one too.

November 9, 2018 (Friday)

I decided to go through the process of creating a “True-North Compass to focus and direct me on the path of being true to my myself and my intentions – what I consider to be for myself, a serene 2019. What does it mean to me when I say that?  And the compass shows me the vital parts of my life that makes my life meaningful.

So we were at the hospital in physiotherapist for my legs – and we did the compass.  I felt so excited to have it.  The process of creating it made me feel excited because I had my passion written all over this compass.  And we put it on my iPhone lock screen and anywhere else I can refer to it when I’m experiencing some sort of confusion and not feeling good about my life or myself.  And it is something to help me focus on my intentions and not waste time wandering aimlessly in life and being stuck in the tyranny of living someone else’s concept of what makes life meaningful.

So here is my compass and I will explain what it means to me.

To explain.

The South part of the compass is the base from which I am coming from.  This base is what supports me to moving towards my true north.  So my base of self-support is a healthy well-being, psychologically, biologically, physiologically, spiritually, and socially.  I wish to experience a feeling of calmness so that I can think rationally/reasonable and respond to the challenges of everyday life, rather than reacting, being proactive.

My Soth point – Its how I feel I can support myself to actually get to where I want to go.  It is the underlying necessary condition and state of being that I need to be in in order to progress through the learning curve, and not be a scatter brain.

Its all about having the things I want to experience without feeling an inner in-congruence and obtaining a lifestyle and mindset with true equilibrium.

So South is a Calm Well-being.  So, I think part of that is establishing good health & well-being in order to move towards my true north.  So on the way towards my focus of having a fun life, with calmness – I want to intentionally confront and examine my equilibrium and bring it to a greater balance.

Greg doesn’t like the word balance because it means we buy into the idea that life is static and never changing in all its diadems and that’s not real life!

But what I mean when I say balance, it is a reference to a nerdy analogy of a mean line through changing waves or variables that show a constant – keeping on the path towards my true north.  See the picture below:

Do you see those two lines on the graph above.  You can see all the variables there (which I will refer to as all the forces in life I come up against and my ability to toggle through them)?  Those lines represent my general equilibrium.  Do you see the lower line?  It represents how I am currently dealing with life and my ability to meet those challenges, move through the learning curve process, and create the abundance in my life that I wish to experience.

The upper mean line – That is my progression in the direction of my True North (on the Compass picture at the top of this journal entry).  So the upper line shows an increase or acceleration through the process of confronting, examining, releasing and embracing and creating movement and drive towards healing, change, and my true north (fun).  That line also represents the calm wellbeing which is my baseline to moving towards my true north.  And you can see the exponential growth on the upper line as opposed to the lower line (of my life unexamined).

So, to carry on!  My true north is all about having fun through life in everything I do.  I want to feel joyful and intrigued each day (as much as possible because my life isn’t statically perfect), no matter what I’m doing or thinking, and be able to feel a life of passionate expression of who I am inside.  I want that to be reflected around me externally so I can really love and live my truth.

As you can see there are  East and West points on a compass.  For me, with a calm spirit moving towards having a fun life – there is a factor that I want to experience that is part of that progression from South to North.  On the West side of the Compass you will see  the word Active.

What does active mean to me?  It is about doing things, not just the theory of life and talk talk talk.  Say what you mean and mean what you say and go out and live it.  No more talking about doing, but actually living it.  So what do I mean?  I want to do things that are kinaesthetic.  Things like badminton, mountain hiking, snow shoeing, swimming, skating, dancing, exploring and travel, meeting people etc…

I want to have the health to be able to do these things well into my older age.  I don’t want to be like those older people in their 80s who go on cruises into retirement and are too sick to leave the boat at port because they can’t manage wheelchairs, canes, oxygen bottles, need assistance to dress etc.  That won’t be me.

I want to be like those people I hear about that reach 70 years and begin to body build (eventually becoming powerhouses that they weren’t even in their 30s), or ride horses etc.  Not that I want to be a muscle factory – I’m just talking about the potential of the human body to heal and strengthen at any age.

And there’s the ability of the brain to be rewired and new neuropathways to be established to support good mental health as well as learning and clarity of mind.  I have no intention of letting the arthritis get the best of me because I believe there is a reason behind the inflammation that has nothing to do with arthritis.  I know this because I didn’t have any arthritis until all of a sudden after the accident in the wind storm I went through.  I went to the doctor about my poor state of physiological health and he said it was arthritis and I was old.  I was 51 years old and he said I was old, apparently overnight after being blown from my balcony.  And apparently “pain never killed anybody”.  Nice, eh?  No wonder I don’t see that doctor anymore.  Squirrel … I digress.

So if I am active, I always feel exhilarated just being able to move and feel different sensations like the breeze on my feet, the strength in my muscles, being able to feel the whirl of a cartwheel, or the smell of the ocean while I swim in it, the ecstasy of hitting that badminton birdy and cantering it into the air with perfect ease and control.  There’s the being able to glide or move down a mountain on skis and feel the current and rush. Being able to enjoy nature and take the paths, photographing nature, hearing the birds, seeing the vantage points.  Walking the beach without a cane and being able to run through the waves and feel the ocean spray.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  It really is and I used to be able to go dancing and move to the music.  So for me, that’s what makes life awesome and meaningful.


You can see between the South point of being calm, and the West Point – in addition to equilibrium there is being intentional.  What that means to me is putting my attention and energy into what I want more of and doing away with what I want less of.  I am intentionally going to move more towards what I want more of and pay little attention to what I want less of.  In my Gratitude journal I have a section on “Not Fors”.  Its a way I have of feeling the difference between what doesn’t work for me and making a comparison to what does.  But Greg and I were discussing today how putting attention on what I don’t want, is like revisiting those old negative energies and pathways in the brain – and feeding the old thoughts and patterns which i’m Trying to replace with new.  So I’m going to end the “NOT Fors” part of the gratitude journal and see how my thought processes change over time.

Now on to the journey between West and North points on the compass.  I’m going to put the compass picture back in here again so I don’t have to keep scrolling back up to the top….

Ok.  Between Active and Fun I have Joy.  Why do something if its just drudgery.  I may as well stay home in bed and count the bumps in the ceiling stucco because its as much fun as doing something that is meaningless and a waste of my time and energy.  Time keeps ticking and I intend to make the most of the time I have before me in my timeline.  And nobody knows how long that is going to be.  Its not a fate or destiny thing, it just is whatever it will be.  And I believe health and well-ness and long life is associated with healthy lifestyle, body and peace of mind.  And that’s why this serene 2019 is a starting point towards my True-North Lifestyle Compass.

Joy is a feeling that happens when I am congruent with who I am, what I believe and value, and just feels right inside.  I believe Joy is my birthright and nobody can take that away if I don’t allow it.  Joy is how I feel around my kids, my husband, when I’m doing things I like, when I feel healthy physically and I can do whatever I want.  Joy is learning things like neuroplasticity of the brain, anything in a science journal or travel magazine.  I feel Joy when I can learn and practically use it to speak with people of different culture and get to know the diversity of people and cultures.  Its fascinating and to be opens my eyes up to the differences of people.

And its part of the communication part of my Equilibrium Wheel.  Which I will blog on after the Life Compass.  I started the Equilibrium Wheel today and am just finishing up my notes on my Compass.

I don’t know if doing the compass before the equilibrium wheel is best but for me it felt right.  I felt in crisis mode after going to the physiotherapist and voicing that my therapy wasn’t helping and I was getting worse.  I felt helpless and needed to refocus fast to keep my spirit up and try something more congruent in keeping with healing my body, listening to my body so I can get better.

So to carry on with the compass.  My True North Life Compass.  the North Point is all about having Fun.  Whatever I do, I want to have fun creatively, live life with enthusiasm and have a light spirit about me.  I want to continue to decorate the house and change it up, again reflecting who I am inside onto my environment.  I want to laugh and play games and feel vibrant and young no matter my age.  I think a young spirit also aids in longevity.  And for me it make things meaningful.  I’m not saying I won’t access my analytical side because I use it frequently to make decisions and stay on course.  I’m just saying – I think spreadsheets and apps are fun and I can use it to accomplish both means.  Why not.  If I’m a science nerd still, I embrace it.  Because its all about learning.  I may stab the iPad screen with my finger when I’m frustrated with the inaccuracies and flaws of a program (or my not understanding it as I move through the learning curve of electronics) – but as long as I’m learning, growing, satisfying my curiousity – its what I think is fun.  to some people playing pranks and joking is fun.  to others doing puzzles or playing video games is fun.  Its all about the brain processes and how the pleasure part of the brain is accessed. And we can rewire new pathways from all parts of the brain and learn to enjoy different things, moving perhaps on from bad habits to replacing them with better habits or a lifestyle more congruent with who I am inside and want to experience.  That was a long run on sentence … sorry.  Just following the flow of my energy when writing.


Next on the compass is adventure and my bucket list.  So the bucket list is me going beyond the confines of my “comfort zone” to do the things that I think are fun but can’t give myself permission to do.  Its about going beyond the confines of my brain and stories, myths and lies that aren’t of my own making, and to embrace what I think is cool and should be done at least once in my lifetime.  Whether I fail or not at what I want to do, I want to say I tackled it and felt what it was like to try it and experience it.  I may be talking about some of the things I’ve done such as gliding in a plane.  Yes we had to stall and I don’t think I liked using the vomit bag.  But I did it and I’d say it was quite a pleasure regardless and a net positive to feel the air and the movement as we dropped or climbed, to fly with the birds and pass them, to see the sights and the rocking/bumping of the plane.  Its all good.  And there are other things like travel.  Its not enough for me to go here and there for a week.  I want to live in a place for a year to fully experience the diversity of locations, people, cultures and other things.  And I want to give myself the option of moving on to somewhere else when I feel its time.  And also give myself the feeling of security by having somewhere to put my hat when I want down time.  Maybe its about owing a house or just renting.  People go through different life stages at different rates and there’s no reason why we have to progress from one towards another in a straight line until we are old and wrinkly.  We can jump in and out of dormancy to growth at any time our comfort levels flux.  But the bucket list also involves staying put at different stages in my life and doing things like keeping the same friends, having BBQs, visiting kids, gardening, painting in the back yard.  Enjoying the sunshine from my deck.

Things on my bucket list is to coach from Hawaii and live in a cottage near the ocean.  And do the videoing there.  Another is to have a place where I can garden and have friends.  So many things.  I can’t place the bucket list here.  Maybe another blog.

My point is – the bucket list incorporates and encompasses variety and change, diadems of diversity and the exileration of learning and growing kinesthetically through doing and experiencing different things.  I am not a static person.  Not only was I made to be a carbon copy of some other android on the planet, but also to live the life of someone unique not having a carbon copy life of someone else based on their belief and value system  Its all about being me.  On my bucket list – it is all about being open to considering I am loveable and can live life anyway I want to.  And my south point on the compass of being congruent with sustainable solid calmness of mind and spirit and constitution – is all about living the rainbow and experiencing every bandwidth and ride every colour on the rainbow.  Why not?  Thats why colour exists.  I don’t want to live on the dark or bright sides of the rainbow in always thinking and being controlled by the boring and safe-imprisonment thinking – all by being responsible for myself in all aspects however.  One can have it all if they are creative because while there is will and drive, there is always a way.


I’ve pretty much now described the East point of my Life Compass of variety and adventure.  And I’ve already spoke of the parts of the compass between East and south.  All are about sustainable growth and experiences that are simple so easy to maintain.  Going what I want in the clouds but with my feet on the ground.  Being grounded and realistic.  When its simple, its achievable and less static within my belly.  Calmness for me happens when something is sustainable and that includes my emotions.  I don’t want to ride the roalercoaster of despair and their happiness because its not a good feeling to be one way and then another.  It doesn’t give me trust in my ability of belief that I can experience what I want in life and being able to obtain it – if my life is fickle, all over the place and in congruent.


So that’s my Life Compass.  When I feel down, lost, over excited and feelings/emotions in an uproar, I can look at my compass and read these notes and remember what’s important to me and refocus on my inner soul and what I’m all about.  Because the direction ultimately of my compass is all about self-acceptance, self-love, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and awareness and clarity.  Living a life loved and well expressed.

Done is this section on the Life Compass.  Next I will be blogging about my Wheel of Equilibrium.  I started the first component in the area of self-care because it seemed to jump out and hit me on the face.  So stay tuned….


Nameste My friends…

Greg – any feedback?







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