Short & sweet Thanks

I’m thankful for:

1. Music

2. Made beds so it’s nice to come to the bedroom in the day.  It makes for a clutter free brain too.

3. Coffee.


Intentions for day: Giving each other full body massages

Do something creative – art

Work on my Wheel of Equilibrium writing.

check out service place


Thankful “NOT Fors” – It’ll come to me after breakfast….

So I’ve decided to rewire my thinking and to not go down the “Not Fors” anymore.

I was grateful this evening for music, time to write, and conversations with my husband.

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?  A good productive work day.  I still didn’t do anything creative.  I am open to slowing down and doing something fun on paper.  That’s it. Goodnight !!

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