Foggy Brained Gratitudes



Nov 12 (Monday) I did a lot of mental work on the week-end and was foggy brained today.  I could barely remember all the work we did during the week.  So today I’m behind on my gratitudes.  Its 6:36 pm.

1. Slushy waves at the lake and seeing the Canada Geese overhead.

2. The Big Moo cookies.  (For Not – Coffee)

3. A cozy warm home to rest and heal from the week-end.

4.  My husbands understanding of the process I went through emotionally when starting the wheel of equilibrium.  Processing the inner critic is a tough battle at first and emotionally.  There can be physical reactions to mental work.  Fatigue, confusion and lapse of memory, emotional, cravings for cookies.

Things looking forward tonight:

1. Going to bed earlier than usual to get caught up on sleep.  I have no thoughts otherwise or any thoughts tomorrow.  Its a big coaching day tomorrow.  2 clients with research/writing in between.


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