Singing in the Rain (In the Shower)…

I was singing in the shower “I can’t get no satisfaction” when I wondered – what had been my source of adventure and FUN 12 years ago in a past marriage?  What was my FUN factor?  My silent witness? Then a delinquent dawning occurred and I had a Ah Hah moment.  The answer? Passive aggressive Whack-a-mole Biochemical warfare!!  What ever could I mean?

It followed me everywhere like Eoyores cloud.  If I was abused this sneaky gremlin would surface from the attic where I kept all my pudding-pop ideas in the freezer.  And the Payback Biochemical warfare began.  Spew mean words at me, in retaliation –  the toothbrush met with the outhouse.  Just for a session and then returned home to the cup on the counter.  No incidents, I swear!!

Isn’t it strange how the clock mysteriously jumps ahead two hours and someone ends up at work earlier? So sad to have the morning ranting & ravings cut short.  Walmart kept a new clock section stocked for just me – to return all the “broken clocks”. Oh Dear.

It’s funny how in my household way back in the day- items morphed into others.  I think it was a survival mechanism.  One day I was sitting on my tuffet eating my curds and whey, and this little spider drew my attention to two bottles on the counter.  Both the same shape, size and blue fluid.  But 2 different solutions.  Kind of like fraternal brothers who wanted to reunite.  One to the other, all of their own accord.  Osmosis I would argue.  Hair shine solution to glasses cleaner. Only a little visit, quite harmless on the higher end of the food chain, less so to the prey. Glasses cleaner is so highly overrated.  I’m just saying.  It’s all biochemical warfare right?  No love lost cause there wasn’t any!

So what of today?  Do phones go astray, or ugly shirts go missing?  Who’s to say?  Except me – I have no need to get back st someone for violence against me.  And it’s always safe to talk about feelings.  So there no more whack a mole or Biochemical warfare going on in my life.  And with such a loving husband for support, I feel safe to take on challenges.  No more passive aggressiveness.  Only irreverent but relevant rantings from grumpy-fairy on a blog! That’s my disclaimer!