What the hell is FUN anyways?


F.U.N. (Trademarked) is not a Four lettered word.  Simply put, it means 2 things for me.  The First nerdy acronym we came up with meant Fabulous Unlimited Nothingness.  But it evolved into Foolproof Unlimited Nature.  What did the two mean and why did we settle on the latter?  FUN is fabulous if you pursue something that you like and aren’t just tagging along with someone else or doing what everyone else is doing.  Sometimes fun goes along with trying something new that you’ve always wanted to but were afraid to try something out of the comfort zone.  FUN – Its whatever tickles your fancy.  We think that Fancy-tickle-bone fun should be unlimited, having nothing to do but spend some self-care time doing nothing but what you want to.  In fact isn’t that our job description here on Earth – to putz around doing absolutely anything we want to?

So th second meaning evolved because it was more succinct with what we wanted our message to be.  So our Acronym F.U.N. (Foolproof Unlimited Nature) more specifically speaks to the foolproof aspect that when you are actually having fun, its foolproof if it is congruent with what you love and gives you joy.  Nobody can do FUN like you do for you.  So if you are chasing after your own unique mojo according to your individuality, then is has become Foolproof.  So doing so according to your personal nature is also apropos.

Here’s a metaphor – Your personal companion “FUN” is the active witness, that has been with you every single moment of your whole life and has the entire context of what it means to be you.  It knows all about you and what you like and don’t, what you are passionate about and what sucks!  So that active witness is actually the best guru teacher, mentor and guide for you. Because it knows what works (in order for you to be happy), based on your experiences and history, isn’t it fitting that it would provide the best advice and support that is contextually relevant?  You can’t deceive the FUN factor, it knows when you are being a downer Debbie.   You know when you aren’t having Fun and it knows when you aren’t either.

We sped up our lives trying to please other people, and we identify with ourselves according to gender, our name or a label, a job or career, amount and type of education. When we are adhered to these identities, we are essentially losing connection with our active witness.  Our active witness has 3 qualities – foolproof, unlimited, its natural.  By its nature is that – it just is.  Fool proof – unfailing, tireless, goof proof.  Always right, never leads you astray.  Its what you access when you are conscious. When we access it – its contextual and its omnipresent.  Its never been absent as a witness.

So – If you were going to go somewhere for advice and tap into your own personal Guru –  wouldn’t you want to have someone in your corner that’s been present of your life and understands what it means to be you.  Therefore, FUN is part of your identity, its considerate of how it leads you and teaches you.  You can’t do you wrong when you are connected with your inner Guru.  You can’t be unconsciously unaware when you are in your fun place or zone.  Its impossible to be incongruent, inconsiderate, impulsive and toxic, because its who you are, your true nature.

So our Acronym for F.U.N. Is Foolproof Unlimited Nature. (TM)  So access your F.U.N. – exercise your mojo – its a good thing.