Did you know… There are 3 types of Politically correct people


Did you know …

There 3 types of politically correct people:

  • The Snowflake: The Snowflake has an immediate retort of offense to correct the politically incorrect. The body’s natural response to an offensive comment is uttering a very drawn-out “Wow.” For example, to a random person asking a black guy if he watched the basketball game last night, a Snowflake will say “Wow…” and go on a rant about how not all black people like watching and/or playing basketball.
  • Microaggressive: The Microaggressive uses a built-up mental microscope and over analyzes the meaning of a statement, joke, or action. For example, if someone dislikes a certain cultural food, a Microaggressive will analyze their dislike for a food for the dislike of an entire culture, including its history and all that its followers stands for.
  • Social Justice Warrior: The Social Justice Warrior, also called the SJW, will draft themselves in the war against society’s ills. For example, tweeting at comedians that make jokes about the Holocaust, even when the comedian themselves are Jewish.

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