Power move 6: intimidation

Power Move #5:
Power people scare and intimidate us. They let you know very fast that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to stopping you from getting what you want. They will literally act nuts if need be, even though they aren’t. That is also when the crazy talking begins too. And the Yeti Snowball blizzards. Skill #1: Hitting below the belt. Power people scare and intimidate us. They also look for your tender spots so they can poke you there. You may confide in a dirty fighter and then they end up using it against you. And then you are sorry for trusting them. A dirty fighter may do dramatic things when they want to teach you a lesson. They save the best for when they want to blame, shame or guilt-beat you. For instance, they may drive faster when you ask them to slow down and you almost end up in an accident or they get an expensive careless driving ticket, now you can’t afford to drive to your moms next weekend . Or, they may actually stop in heavy traffic when you mention a green light. They use any information against you and have no problem figuratively or literally sucker punching below the belt if it helps them win! And the only way to inflate their ego is for them to get their self-made hero cookies for making you wrong, and less than their own inferiority complex.