A Feathers homecoming – poem

Feathers bathed in the elixir
Of a sun-shower,
Dried by wispy jet streams
Of a blue sky.

Whipping seas to sail above
Swirling merengue peaks,
Teasing To perch
For a hurried glance.

Faintly stroking the spray
Offpolished driftwood,
With an ascent to flirt
With Autumn warm rays.

Instead meet snowflakes
The Forbidden temptress,
Who shall never know
A feathers weight.

Stoking the innate instincts
To gather for the great flight,
Flocking away as one together
On no obviously marked path.

Only by intuition or instinct
A homecoming for a new season,
To refreshing meadowlands
Who recognize their edgy cries.

In Grasses they lay their jewels
Grounded amongst the auras,
Of old souls of an ancient oak
And wait within its depths.

By Amee Dickson