Once Upon A “It could happen” Story – Poem

This poem is about two friends who find each other. They both were lonely and helped each other heal.

Poem and art by Amethyst Dickson

Once upon a “It could happen” story

Once upon a
“It could happen” story
Here’s lie before you,
The Solitude of
Princess Apricot.
She is as forlorn
As a jigsaw puzzle
A poet just waiting
For the sun to arise.
A missing piece
Of the poem that
She never knew
How to write.
And her life is
The story she wants
To tell a special friend.
So from the end
To the beginning
Is where it all sets about.

Princess Apricot
Lives in a castle
In a kingdom up
In a high oak tree
Which is unknown
and arousing no suspicion.
From way up high
At a vantage point above
The highest branches.
One can see the world
Above and below
The valley lights are
Starting to flicker on.�The lake is spangled
Like a shield.
And a trail of bright ink
Tattoos the sky,
She looks at the beautiful
End of the day
And smiles as if
Nothing can make
This dreadful.

Meanwhile down
Lower in another
oak kingdom
Is a nest so massive
It engulfs a space
That protrudes boastfully.
The home of
Olivia the dragon.
As the night moves forward
Olivia drums into the dark
With furious wings
Loaded with power.

She sneezes frozen flames
Into the valley below.
Kindling empathy into
Princess Apricots tears.
Olivia’s heart chimes
With stone bells
Vigorously rhythmic
So this story goes.
This grumble dragon
When she grows old
Monsters of
Her own making
Will surely follow her
In her heart engraved.

Now Princess Apricot
Being lonely fraught
Espies on the encampment
At the base of her thoughts.
Why a cute sweet dragon
As pretty as a bug on rug
Lies grumbly and fumbling
Beneath in her den.

Swinging from her castle
Without mayhem or a scratch
Scoots our fair Princess
All excited with glee.
She mounts the
Dragons oak kingdom
And peeks bravely
Into this awfully huge nest.
Too large for this
Sweet small blue creature
Tearful and feeling raw.

Oh my silly little friend
Why are you so glum
When right before you
Is your potential
greatest dream
Lonely for a soul
such as you
Our meeting together
The universe made true.

You are my piece
To my missing puzzle
That I was born without.
The one in my poem
That I never knew
How to write.
And our life is
The story I want
To share with as friends.

Encouraged so gratefully
Tears in her lashes
Sniffs and climbs into
The nestled hair
Of Princess Apricot.
How are they now
You may wonder
If ever two were one
Than surely be these two.
For Princess Apricot as well
Was the missing glow
To Olivia’s melted heart.
Today beating rhythmic
As they fly high
in the Universal sky.