Amee’s Sonnet of Declaration

Amee’s Sonnet of Declaration

I am a kind, caring and gentle woman. I declare that I have time for kind, caring and intentional souls in my life.

I see the potential in every unique personality. I choose to look beyond appearances to see what might be. To see what they could become. I support honest, kind and generous souls who truly desire to grow. I am an instrument of peace and embrace all who are seeking peace. 

I am an intentional woman who finds the equilibrium between strength of character and compassion in action. I have a diverse and dynamic empathic quality and use that gift in my interactions within and with other people. I am on a personal path to mastery to explore my potential in practical, balanced and gentle ways. I am a free spirit seeking to expand my entire life experience. I love variety, diversity and creativity. 

My life is an extension of the creative energy of the All That Is. I am a channel for good, loving and peaceful expressions. I am open to everything that is loving, peaceful and life giving. Life is the progressive realization of living in the now and accepting “what is” in the present moment. 

I embrace the dance that is called life