Opportunities during self isolation from Covid19

Need something to do during the time self isolating? Really spend the time to connect with you. Make yourself an unbirthday card. Write to yourself all the things you admire about yourself. Make a cake and make a wish, blow out the candles. Write and journal about all the things you like in your life and what you would like to do. Think about what opportunities lie before you while you are self isolated. Do some exercising, try some new recipes, go back to a hobby you neglected while you were working, just see the time off as a vacation. Write letters to family to send them later on. Make “I admire you” cards to people in your household or “ what I wish for you…”. Have a beach party/picnic on the living room floor. Celebrate Christmas or New Years, your unbirthday, Valentine’s Day, etc… Listen to some 50s music with the kids and have a sock-hop in the living room. Use your imagination and think about what you can do, rather than the restrictions on lifestyle. And who knows, maybe this is an opportunity to reinvent the new you!