Be no mans poor player on the stage of your life

“Life is like a shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury – signifying nothing”. (Quote not exact, its 40 years old in my head). Shakespeare

Be nobody’s poor player on the stage called your life. Be real and genuinely write your own life’s script. So what’s your thoughts going to be? Data and facts trump fear driven opinions, and wire our brains to use our logical decision making cerebral cortex. Otherwise we are living in our flight or flight primal brain, and living in confusion and panic. Then we scare ourselves with conspiracy stories and tin foil hat philosophies.

So I repeat, be no mans poor player. Dare to be unique and have a sound mind of logic so we can ride out the pandemic and not make fear based decisions. Fear is merely taking past experiences and adding them to to the present days creative illogical imagination – projecting that into the future.

Don’t waste life strutting and fretting your life upon a stage and waste your time doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Life is too short. Do not tell tales told by idiots full of sound and fury. Because worry hold no magic, and in the end, all this hype means nothing.

Dare to live your life full of significance and meaning, as you can drum up currently. Continue to live your life fully and with congruence – and equilibrium. Live according to morals and ethics, values, beliefs, principles. Yours alone and not joe blow’s down the street. Live according to your frame of reference so you can live with integrity and convictions to be proud of. Shrinking becomes nobody.

So go out and be unbound by the opinions, projections and judgments of others, that are geared towards playing the blame, shame, guilt games in their lives. Critical thinking is even more relevant today then ever. And that’s my thoughts, be them irreverent but relevant today, in this period of history.

What will you remember when you look back at this date in time? Will you be proud of your stamina or will you skulk away with your tail between your legs, because of shallow behaviour. That’s my spiel to all the naysayers out there who are in denial about the truth of this dilemma.

Stick to principles and fact based input, be a creator in life, not a consumer stuck in the fear ridden soup of life. Don’t swim next to potatoes and don’t listen to the mr potato heads out there. Have a great day, make it an intelligent one!!

By Bern-ie Goldbach- “I’m five time zones away from much of the reality distortion that often surges onto FB and Twitter so I get to read and see things well after they’ve splashed down in communal chum lines. I believe many people no longer share what is real but instead they create their own reality. Then they share that creative reality and if I take the bait and study that reality — news and views and events — other new realities spin up and hit the pool of common newsfeeds. I could try to sift through the chum but I don’t. Because I’ve copped onto the fact that I don’t want to be reduced to merely studying what history’s actors toss out on their chum lines. I’ve gone back to reading long form posts and also diving deep into books I should have finished in college. If you want to connect, buy me a book from my Amazon Wish List and we’ll chat”.